Mobile banking offers more than just convenience.

In a recent study, adoption of mobile banking has been increasing steadily - an average of 4.19% nationwide, with some areas seeing 10% or more members adding mobile banking to their services each month. 

Obviously with the proliferation of more affordable smart phones, we would expect to see these numbers, but there's more to it than that. With the options available for mobile banking apps on Android and iOS, in many cases a credit union's mobile banking interface will look great and work as well as if not better than the leading local competition - giving credit unions yet another edge against banks. 

With mobile deposit capture coming to these more affordable devices, people who wouldn't have a computer to make a deposit now do - in their pocket. This is an emerging marketing and can be very effective when your focus is to increase membership. 


Help people 'break up' with their bank.

In fact banks are providing "switch kits" to aid people who want or need to switch financial institutions. Additionally banks are providing "concierges" to assist customers to move and change over everything they have. (These Concierges only work with customers who have $250,000+ in assets to move!)

  • Provide "switch" advice/forms online with follow-up processes to aid/inform people as to the status of moving all accounts.
  • Banks lose 14% of their customer annually.
  • Immediately push online bill payments because users of this service are 75% less likely to defect! 

Source WSJ article 8-14-03

Phone numbers that spell names – do they really work?

 You bet they do and here's why...

  • 58% of consumers can recall a toll-free or local vanity number after hearing it just once in an advertisement! Examples: 875-CASH or 800-NEW-HOME.
  • Hybrid numbers (those with combinations of numbers and words like 800-555-HOME) only draw 44% retention.
  • Regular phone numbers with or without area codes like 877-2444 draw only an 8% retention rate!
  • Furthermore consumers are 41% more likely to correctly recall a vanity number with an 800 exchange rather than from the other toll-free prefixes such as 888, 877 or 866.
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